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Using Filler items in TurboPlayer

Q: We know filler items from DigaROC. Is it the same in TurboPlayer?


A: The basics are the same for both systems but TurboPlayer does not need to be in automatic mode. There is a special mode which can be activated also in Live Assist mode. This mode is called: "Filler On" and can be accessed by a button of the user interface of TurboPlayer.


This mode can also be set by a macro e.g. during startup of TurboPlayer: TP_ToggleMode ( InsertFillers, On )


There must be StartOnTime item ahead to signalize that there will be a gap.


A filler group is a jingle group which have to be assigned to the show as a filler group.


Filler items will be inserted automatically just in time to avoid getting a gap.

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