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Using Labelcode on Music1 tab

Q: After installing a new database the database field "Label" on tab "Music 1" is gray. What can I do?
A: Label is a numeric value. Each unique label ID has an assigned label name. This assignment is stored inside the database. To use this feature you need to create a NameRelation table for your database.
This can be done in DigAdmin tool. You need to open ODBC \ YourDatabase \ Administration and press the right mouse button on "Administration". Select "Create NameRelation table" from the context menu.
Afterwards a new subkey under Administration will appear, called NAMERELATION. There you will find a subkey called "Label". Now you can create or import label IDs and corresponding label names. At this moment the field in Database Manager can be used. 

In general there are two ways how to configure Database Manager to work with a list of preconfigured record labels:
1. Using the definitions of the database 2. Using a name relation table
If you prefer working with definitions you will need to store all of your record labels inside the definitions of the database called 'Carrier'.
To be able to edit the labels inside DBM you need to create a rights object for these definitions:
Objects > Definitions : Carrier
Of course you need to give the users sufficient rights to edit the definitions.
Please note:
a) Definitions can be edited in Admin tool or in Database Manager by opening an item and selecting 'Other' > 'Edit definitions' from the menu. b) The Administrator can only edit definitions in DBM which have a rights object. c) The 'New' button besides the label field is always grey as long as you don't use name relation tables. d) You will need another rights object: Objects > Actions : DBMCreateLabel if you want to allow editing the list of record labels in DBM. e) The record labels which are read from definitions will be chosen from a dropdown list. The record labels from the name relation table needs to have at least one character entered by the user before displaying the search result. f) Do not try to delete and re-import your definitions to database if you've got a running system which already has content. Afterwards you will have a problem with the items which already had a record label because the original ID will get lost after re-importing. 

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