Q: Is it possible using a stack, e.g. Stack1 only in the TurboPlayer GUI but not in the GUI of the main TurboPlayer?


A: Yes, it is possible but of course the main TurboPlayer needs to know that it should load the content of the stack. Remember that the main TurboPlayer holds the kernel which is connected to the BCS. You don't need to have a stack window on the main TurboPlayer.


You need to have at least those parameters at the main TurboPlayer:


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ RundownLists \ Stack1:


PreloadedElements = 10 (number of preloaded elements for MultiPlayer)

StackMode = Track

Track = 21 (example, number of your stack track)


Of course you need to have at least one playout channel configured for RundownListType = Stack1 because the main TurboPlayer is running the MultiPlayer and handling the playout.