There is a window in TurboPlayer which reflects the remain time of the current group. This is helpful to have a countdown based on the content inside of a group.


By default this time calculation is done by counting the audio elements of the group.


If there is a requirement to add the text elements to the time calculation an additional parameter must be set by using the Admin tool.


First of all of course you need a configured window for the group remain time. This will create a section in Local Settings \ GUI \ Windows \ TimeInfo \ ...


The "..." is a counter based on the number of TimeInfo windows you have.


Example: Let's say 3 is your current window for group remain time


Local Settings \ TurboPlayer \ GUI \ Windows \ TimeInfo \ 3 \ Settings \ RemainG :


ConsiderAudioTextInGroupDuration=TRUE (String)


Now the text elements are calculated, too. This is also valid for storys containing audio and text!