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WebTurboPlayer troubleshooting hints

  • Check ports used in the settings.json match the ports used in Turboplayerservice.par
  • Make sure ports are open
    • (e.g. 8095, 8096 for https/wss)
    • turn off windows defender firewall completely and see if it makes a difference
  • Make sure TurboPlayer is running
  • Restart TurboPlayerService
  • Have you updated the HTTPS certificate?
    • make sure the old certificate is not still registered to the port (e.g. 8095)
      • remove the registration, register the new cert to the port
  • Is the turboplayerservicelicense.dll in the turboplayerservice folder?
    • if not, WebTP will be read only
  • Restart TP/WebTP machine
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