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What is the CxImageList.dll?

The CxImageList.dll is a DAVID component that is needed for video centric features in DBM/DigAIRange and Turbo that enables the display of thumbnails.

If you are getting an error in DigaSystem that you are missing this dll, we suggest one of the following solutions;

♦ First and simplest: make sure you update to the most current versions of your DigaSystem components - there were earlier versions where this was problematic!

♦ In TurboPlayer: Check that the Thumbnail column in miniDBM is not active for any table. Disable video preview in the settings (uncheck the common settings flag and also set “no preview”). The same applies for the thumbnail settings of each rundown showlist you are using: in the View|Field/Tagname, make sure the thumbnail is not active (with a green checkmark).

♦ In DigAIRange: you would need to ensure that there is no "Thumbnail" column configured in the Lists and also adjust the setting Local;Image Preview with: to Extern

♦ In DBM: make sure the Thumbnail column is not activated for the entry grid

If none of these tips help, certainly contact DAVID Systems Support!

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