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What is the GXF-Format?

What is the GXF-Format?
GXF stands for the General Exchange Format. It is promoted by Grass Valley Group ( GXF supports transfers using data networking technology. It also supports storage on data devices such as tape streamers. It is compression format independent, and it is now undergoing standardization within the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).

GXF is designed for on-air applications. It is extensible by design, but does not comply with SMPTE KLV coding. (KLV is one way to wrap data for transport over networks.) GXF supports MPEG (elementary streams), DVCPRO and JPEG video. It also supports uncompressed AC3 and Dolby E audio. GXF supports cuts-only video edits, audio fade in/out and allows for the encapsulation of user metadata. GXF can encapsulate KLV or XML, but it is not KLV native.

GXF has limited editing features - it does not support complex transitions, effects or editing of complex packages. However, it fits the on-air applications space very well. It is not intended to support post-production applications.

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