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Which parts of the BCS are handled with this parameter?

The affected parts are the shows and the pools for all shows.



 If you don't copy the files within DigAIRange this will be done by the BUS using the File Check task. Therefore each installation of BCS needs to have a running BUS with at least the following tasks:


 - Copy/Convert

 - File Check

 - Delete


 The File Check task will copy the scheduled files from their source to all destinations. Depending on the workflow of DigAIRange the source can either be the file server of the database or the primary media directory of the program.


 File Check copies into the primary media directory (if required) and into all defined on-air directories.



 Hint: RTF files will be primary read from the primary media directory. All applications use this path for accessing the text files (if available) and to save changes into this path.

 This prevents the BCS system having different versions of text files on the different computers.


 BUS will again copy RTF files after saving them by the user applications to the on-air directories for having emergency backups on the local playout PCs.

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