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Why should I adjust the start times manually?

Q: In TurboPlayer there is a special button with a clock which would request new start times for the elements of the show. Why isn't TurboPlayer updating the start times like DigaROC automatically?


A: This feature is required in fact of a pause. In case of a running CD player or a talking speaker TurboPlayer will not update the start times of the planned elements. Pressing this button is same like executing a macro TP_UpdateStarttimes. In result TurboPlayer will receive new start times from BCS. That's the difference to DigaROC because DigaROC just worked like a counter during this pause. There were no updates between DigaROC and BCS during this situation therefore the displayed values could not be accurate.


The only way getting correct start times is requesting them from BCS. This is done manually because it would lead to high traffic by executing this command every x seconds. We do not recommend creating automated macros to get automatic updates een if this is possible by TP_UpdateStarttimes. Please note that every request must be handled by BCS which could reflect in delayed actions.


Therefore if you want to get valid start times just press the button.

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