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Enable OnAIR TrackMixer in other Programs

Database Manager

Open the DigaSystem Administrator (Admin.exe in the DigaSystem root directory) and enter the following parameter to activate OTM:

Local Settings|DBM|Crossfade|UseOnAirTrackMixer=TRUE

In Database Manager 4.x, if not enabled or set to FALSE, the CrossfadeMixer will be launched instead of OTM.

CrossFadeMixer is not supported by Database Manager v5.x

For a selected audio entry, the OTM can be accessed in several ways:

  • simply by dragging the entry to the OTM tool button 
    , or
  • via the Entry menu option Entry to OnAIR TrackMixer, or
  • via the Entry tabs Music2 or Marker/Subclips and pressing the button Open in OTM.

Database Manager version 4.x

In Database Manager version 4.x the OTM tool button looks like



Open the menu Program -> Settings (you might need to login as ADMIN to access the settings) and access the tab Crossfade-Editor. In the Settings section set a check mark to “OTM”.

You need to restart DigAIRange for the changes to take effect. The OTM icon will then be visible in the icon bar of the lower working section.

In the View tab, the OTM gets visible in the main Toolbar by setting a check mark at “Show OTM icon in toolbar too”.

Also, under the Local set Audio / Multirecorder to MultiRec 4.x


In TurboPlayer open the CrossfadeMixer (e.g. by clicking on the CFM icon in the Icon Bar). Then right click on the top of the Window (of the Windows frame, where the application name is shown) and enter the Settings. In the Use Control section choose OnAir TrackMixer in the drop-down menu. You need to restart TurboPlayer for the changes to take effect. The OnAir TrackMixer is now available in the Icon Bar.


All parameters for Database Manager, DigAIRange and TurboPlayer are listed at Parameters Descriptions.

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