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Send Manually Element On-Air from Turbo Player Show

If you want to send manually elements on-air from Turbo Player there are a few thing which need to be respected in order OnAir TrackMixer is recognizing the real time positions so to be reflected correctly in OnAir TrackMixer.

Turbo Player's Mode-Button needs to be configured to "Assign overlaid On"

Here is how it works. Right click on Turbo Player's title bar to select the Add Windows dialog. Drag an drop it to Turbo Player GUI, adjust button size, close the Add windows dialog and click again into Turbo Player's title bar to finish editing the GUI. Right mouse button click on added mode-button and select "Automatic assignment of overlaid flag".


By selecting the Settings button you may change background color and fonts, if you want.

Make sure the mode-button is set to "Assign overlaid On". Now it is possible to assign overlaid flags to the manually started elements in Turbo Player and OTM will recognize it.

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