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Voice Tracking Mode

This function is used to record any audio material during the transition of two different scheduled show items (over two tracks), e.g. a moderation text. A “Transition item” will be created.

Click on the VT button to enable the Voice Tracking mode

Click the appearing Notes button to play the end of the audio element in the track above (from the Fade Out position).

The Notes button changes into a Microphone. Click this button to punch in and start the recording

Now the Notes button is shown again. Clicking it will set the Mark In of the following item to the sound head position.

This buttons stops the recording and saves the it into the show planning

To start over at the end of the next audio item click this button.

Recordings can be deleted with the Trash can icon in the Track Head

The PAUSE button doesn't work in the expected way during VT recording.

The item created that way is called a „Transition item“ and will be marked with a „T“ in the Show Overview. The show items are ducked automatically (if ducking is activated via a parameter), so their volumes are reduced where they overlap the new recording (

parameter DuckingDuringVoiceTracking).

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