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Restart Recording with a Single Click

In this workflow the producer or moderator resets and restarts a running recording, to immediately try again, after making a mistake. With a single click OnAIR TrackMixer resets the sound head while recording is running, in order to repeat the recording.

When the moderator arms the recording, OTM memorizes the initial position of all audio elements and the initial position of the sound head. Now the moderator starts the recording but makes a mistake and wants to start over again.

With a single click on the R-button


  • the recording stops and is removed from the track,
  • all audio elements are reset to their initial positions
  • the sound head is set to its initial position
  • and a new recording starts into the already existing track.

Important Note

(warning) When you use the R-button no "Undo" is possible and the previous recording on the same track is lost!


Parameter to activate: RestartRecording=1 (default=0)

This parameter affects regular recordings, Start Next and Advanced Voice Tracking.

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