New features

  • The MultiRec being used by default is now version 4 (instead of 2) and instead of CrossfadeMixer the default is now OnAIR TrackMixer.
  • Reorganized the controls in the settings dialog for OTM
  • Current show is also being selected now in the easy selection view, in TT Issue DigAIRange starts with this view being used as default.
  • A new shortcut was added for OTM, namely "Enter Start Next with Auto Ducking".
  • The new feature in BUS 5.4.638.0 in file check task to compute the length of text elements is supported by setting the new private field "TLCI" in some operations. Hint: It is not a requirement to use this new DigAIRange version with the new BUS version, it simply facilitates the work of the BUS task. 
  • Current show is now automatically loaded in the showlist on start of DigAIRange if the primary server and program are configured.
  • BCS remote GUI: If you are logged in as "ADMIN" there are two new context menu commands if you click onto a server in the tree view: "BCS remote GUI for master/buddy". The appearing non-modal window looks similar to a BCS GUI and gives you remote access to a running BCS. For more information please see BCSTechManual chapter "BCSGUI in DigAIRange". This feature needs a BCS version 5.4.331.0 or newer. 
  • The following new OTM shortcuts were added (as well as their respective names in German):- Music 1: Volume up- Music 1: Volume down- Music 2: Volume up- Music 2: Volume down- Drop 1: Volume up- Drop 1: Volume down- Drop 2: Volume up- Drop 2: Volume down 

Bug fixes

  • When an element with text was saved from the mask, the corresponding RTF file was not correctly terminated. If the file was longer beforehand, old content remained at the end of the file. (JIRA SGU-2249, 2296)
  • When a whole day was copied to another day with a drag&drop operation in the tree view, the option "Delete real times / reset send state" was ignored and the send state was always copied unchanged. (JIRA SGU-1979)
  • The shortcut "Enter Start Next" had not been correctly renamed yet. (JIRA SGU-2348)
  • When sending elements to MTE via the MTE button in the toolbar or using the menu entry "Entry to: MultiTrack-Editor", only the filename and title of the element were being sent. Now the loudness information, if available, is also sent. Besides when saving back the element to DigAIRange with the option "Replace" chosen and the check box "Save loudness compliant" checked, DigAIRange wouldn't use the new loudness values, but keep the old ones. (JIRA SGU-1317)
  • The last (~20) new implemented shortcuts for OTM were being made available to be configured for CrossfadeMixer too. Besides some already old implemented exceptions for CrossfadeMixer and OTM were not being correctly considered.
  • The shortcuts for "Start next element" and "Enter Start Next" had the same description in the English version of the dialogs (old description for both: "Start next element while recording").
  • Improved the handling of some group properties (like the Reserve or the BufferFlag) which must be copied to children in certain TT Issues. This did not always work for elements within a story within a group.
  • When forcing the load of the default columns configuration (especially if settings for loading/saving columns was not set), DigAIRange would use twice more the column 0 at the end, causing some strange drawing effects. This affected the show and pools columns configuration.
  • Fixed a typing error in the option "Show ruler / timeline". (JIRA SGU-1327)
  • When setting up new remote links for a show the link field in the manage dialog became empty when saving though the link could be set. This was a bug since build 5.3.670.0 of 2017-08-23. (TT Issue 39256, JIRA SGU-2212)
  • In some operations (like undocking the OTM window) OnAIR TrackMixer had display problems like an empty window or empty areas. For the known operations with problems a redraw is triggered now. (JIRA SGU-904, SGU-1346)
  • When masks are configured to be shown as modal dialog, when re-opening the element's properties, an out of range access would be tried, leading to an unpredictable behavior, possibly causing a crash in DigAIRange.
  • The stop button in the dialog showing progress of a file analyze or copy operation did not always work.