With this release, we are extending value to our DigaCare customers in many areas:


  • Support arbitrary Active Directory structures including filtering groups mapped to DigaSystem

Content Management

  • Adjust DBM application size and text-size according to your ergonomic needs
  • Consistent user interface aligned for modern operating systems
  • Identify other people's comments to the entries you are using
  • Enrich your entries metadata by adding and modifying styled notes
  • Efficiently create stories for all platforms

Media Production Audio

  • Speech-to-Text add on for expedited navigation in audio files using automatic text transcription
  • Improved sorting of audio material with multiple tabs in clipboard
  • Supported VST reverb effects and compilation of VST effects into tracks
  • New administration page for accelerators
  • Drag and drop operations from file system to timeline
  • Cut exact, targeted length you need in Subclip Editor
  • Find your subclips more easily and faster in Subclip Editor

Media Production Video

  • Integrate Adobe Premiere Pro CC2018 as video editor within DigaSystem

Workflow Framework

  • Analyze your workflow list within seconds


  • Broadcast Server now operates as a Windows Service 
  • StoryBox allows browser-based story creation including text-editing in WebDigAIRange
  • Web-based Pre-production and audio recording audio on placeholders is available in WebDigAIRange
  • WebTurboPlayer has been optimized for use on mobile devices
  • Arrange transitions with placeholders and virtual elements in OnAIR TrackMixer
  • Enrich new recordings with configurable metadata in OnAIR TrackMixer


  • Use the new BCSSearchService API to build your own customized serach app