Audio Editors v7.6

  • MultiRec_4 (v4.6.281.0) is required by all audio editors v7.6
  • LoudnessDLL.dll (v1.0.24.0) optional for loudness workflows
  • LVC.ocx ( optional for loudness workflows
  • MteDefaultCustomMask.dll (v1.0.8.0) optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaContentTabHost.dll (v1.1.6.0) optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaXmlTransformer (v1.0.16.0) optional for EDL export with XSL transformation
  • BCGPEdit260U141.dll optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • SpeechmaticsInterface.dll (v. optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • TIOEmberPlus.dll (v1.0.11.0) optional for remote controlling MTE with Ember+.
  • AAFCOAPI.dll (v1.1.6.0) optional for AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) 
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package

  • Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing and an integration with a transcription provider! Currently supported: Speechmatics API v1.0
  • Ember+ integration is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.

  • AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.
  • The Audio Editors have been tested with the Advantech PCIE-1760-AE relay card on Windows 10. This combination is working fine and is supported.
New Features
Fixed Issues
  • STT-5138 - Layout of Loudness Meter is not retained (upper-left small) (CCD-40933)
  • STT-5171 - SingleTrack timeline is deleted, when executing "Cut inside and move" on a selection (CCD-40505)
  • STT-5189 - Fade dialog: When zoom is used, fade points are moving up
  • STT-5213 - "Speech to text analysis" submenu is not displayed
  • STT-5218 - Can't click anything when MTE is closed while recording
  • STT-5229 - Wrong sorting in targets when saving into group (CCD-41232)
  • STT-5246 - Wrong VST effect is added to Track Mixer, if ZPlane effects are disabled
  • STT-5278 - Loudness process removes D'accord markers (CCD-40504)
  • STT-5282 - Effects from different Waves bundles are not recognized correctly (CCD-41233)
  • STT-5283 - Grey font not readable on black background (CCD-41333)
  • STT-5294 - ReporterBox: Paste Clip arrow is positioned wrongly
  • STT-5297 - Error Message when BCGPEdit260U141.dll is missing
  • STT-5302 - German translation of "Undo levels" truncated
  • STT-5341 - Ember+: Fader movement interrupts save operation (CCD-41066)
  • STT-5347 - BulkSave: some flags are not written
  • STT-5388 - Transcript Edit dialog: some buttons are not displayed correctly with high DPI
  • STT-5415 - Wrong time for "Inside" shown in timebar (CCD-41413)
  • STT-5480 - MTE crashes when saving to NewsFlex
  • STT-5492 - Cannot save single files into group
  • STT-5503 - MTE: Saving to 3rd-party CMS doesn't work
  • STT-5554 - DBM+MTE: Unresponsive after Pressing the Tab Key
  • STT-5555 - DBM+MTE: Combo Box remains Open after Switching Tabs