Common .NET1.1.127.0

Important notes

  • Fron now BCS Service stored configuration in DigaSystem registry instead BcsServcie.par file and parameter file is obsolete. All settings from parameter file will be automatically imported into registry at first service start. and than the parameter file will be ignored. See details in installation documentation
  • BCS Service supported multiple configurations.: service can be installed with different Windows Service names with different configuration for each service and multiple services can be start at the same time. See details in installation documentation


  • Requires DigaSQL 3.14.3466.0 or newer

New Features

  • SGU-3487 - Support multiple configurations
  • SGU-3452 - Use DigaSystem registry for configuration instead parameters file
  • SGU-3452 - Generate DigaSQL log entry after import from parameters file
  • SGU-3499 - Delete copied parameter file from ProgramData directory after transfer settings to DigaSystem registry
  • SGU-3487 - Store configuration name in Windows events log
  • SGU-4096 - Option for creating new configuration with all parameters with default values
  • SGU-4201 - New installation option for silent mode
  • SGU-3426 - PutCopyShow request
  • SGU-3343, 3343, 3345, 3347, 3348: - Extra metadata flags for PostNode request
  • SGU-3296 - File analyze & copy option for PutNode request
  • SGU-3485 - Complete metadata from BCS before text length computation for PutNode request if only partial metadata is provided
  • SGU-3346 - File analyze & copy option for PostNode request
  • SGU-3343 - Change show state in PostNode request after inserting XML under parent node
  • SGU-3444 - File analyze & copy option for PutCopyShow request
  • SGU-3485 - Extra check is SpecifiedDataOnly flag is used only with DataOnly flag for PutNode request
  • SGU-2882 - Support PutWaveForm request
  • SGU-2679 - Calculate duration for uploaded audio files
  • SGU-2582 - Use short locks for RTF handling
  • SGU-1866 - Support Accept HTTP header for GetVersion request
  • SGU-2350 - Support UNC path to prelisten files
  • SGU-3452 - Move FileCopy subfolder to configuration specific folder in DigaSQL registry
  • SGU-3485 - Support text length computation flag for PostNode, PutNode, PutAudioFile, PutRtfFile, PutCopyShow requests
  • SGU-3452 - Store command line in Windows Applications log affected to messages about wrong configurations
  • Check configured HTTP and HTTPS ports for enabled protocols only
  • SGU-1903 - Log all calls in application log
  • SGU-1903 - Log HTTP body on log level Debug
  • SGU-4052 - Providing parameters for clients to generate DPE compatible authorization tokens
  • SGU-3485 - Support header Content with the same values as Content-Type

Fixed Issues

  • SGU-3343 - Properly error messages if destination show for PutNode, PostNode, CopyShow requests isn't found
  • SGU-3343 - Properly handle single element node for with analyze & copy option
  • SGU-3347 - Properly handling PutNode in synchronous mode
  • SGU-1856 - Proceed NoRightsCheck flag in any requests only if it allowed in service configuration
  • SGU-1856 - PostDatabaseElement request ignore parameter flags in WebSocket API
  • SGU-1856 - PostDatabaseStory ignore any flags in WebSocket API
  • SGU-1856 - PostDatabaseGroup ignore any flags in WebSocket API
  • SGU-352 - Messages with log level error wasn't applied if application log level is configured as Debug
  • SGU-1856 - Check NoRightsCheck flag in WebSocket API specified via flag name
  • SGU-3452 - Properly import log levels Info and Debug from parameters file
  • SGU-3296 - File handling progress can be more as 100%
  • SGU-3485 - Use update flags specified in request for PuNode
  • SGu-3485 - Properly proceed group entries from database in text length computation mode
  • Prevent very rare lock by authentication via WebSockets
  • SGU-4091 - Don't import soft-deleted database entries into broadcast list
  • SGU-2813 - Restrict XML tag name to get referenced files for GetFile request
  • SGU-3487 - Properly command line parameter for configuration name
  • SGU-3487 - Remove unused parameter from service command line by installation
  • SGU-3487 - Properly handle service installation command line parameters
  • No more locked connections by slow service<->client connection
  • SGU-1903 - Properly log for all request with debug log level
  • SGU-1903 - Configure path to Windows service compatible with spaces in path
  • Fix wrong media type plain/text in HTTP answer to properly text/plain
  • SGU-3487 - Check is configuration command line parameter properly defined
  • SGU-3487 - Check at start is used configuration already in use by another executed service instance
  • SGU-4133 - All national characters now displayed properly via GetNode request
  • SGU-3487 - Uninstallation service don't required configuration name but Windows service name only
  • SGU-3487 - Always store configuration name in all Windows Log messages
  • SGU-3487 - Properly detection different service configurations executed in the same time
  • SGU-2679 - Properly handle dynamic metadata generation mode for PutAudioFile request
  • SGU-4096 - Properly handle command line parameter for reset configuration without installation Windows service
  • SGU-2882 - Properly file extension for file with saved waveform
  • SGU-4096 - Set default HMTL path without doubled backslashes
  • SGU-4096 - Set default value for MediaFolder parameter
  • SGU-4096 - Set default value for BaseAddress parameter
  • SGU-4096 - Set default value for HTTPSAddress parameter
  • SGU-4096 - Set default values for parameters in FileCopy section
  • SGU-2813 - Restrict access to files with media, HTML and optional user defined paths
  • SGU-4202 - Remove reset configuration command line parameter from service command line by installation
  • SGU-4201 - Remove silent option from Windows service command line parameters
  • SGU-2882 - Copy waveform file to BCS media directory after uploading
  • Properly default value for HTTPS base address