DBM v5.x



5.3.7943.29 (bug fix only)



  • DBM requires Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Download “vcredist_x86.exe” at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads)
  • It is recommended to deploy also XceedZip.dll, delivered together with DBM, as this DLL is needed for *.entry file export/import.
  • It is recommended to use DigaSQL.dll 3.15.3476.0
  • It is recommended to use MultiRec
  • It is recommended to use DigaContentTabHost.dll
  • It is recommended to use DigaRTF.ocx
  • It is recommended to use OtmControl.ocx 2.4.686.0
  • It is recommended to use Loudness Visualization Control (lvc.ocx)
  • Using Elasticsearch based full-text index requires installation of ElasticIndex.dll and relies on proper configured DPE ContentService
  • Receiving message from DPE MessageService requires connection to the DPE backend
New Features
  • DBM has been set to LARGEADDRESSAWARE, which enlarges overall usable memory from 2 GB to around 3.5 GB
  • "Import from entry file" displays now a progress dialog and blocks access to toolbar
  • MCL Player is not deleted when pressing minimize Player Button in Mask
  • CCD-41157 - Linking two entries keeps now LoRes flag
  • CCD-41357 - Newly added columns are add as last column
  • CCD-41433 - Support of sampling rate 24000 added, when export to file system
  • CCD-41440 - Edit-Button in group-area is now also active, when group is another table then current selected table
  • CCD-41534 - It is now possible to select and copy read-only meta data from meta data mask
  • Usability by keyboard has been improved
    • Set initially selected grid entry
    • Fixing tab order in meta data mask tabs "General", "Info", "Transfer", "Cart" and in Easy Selection Dialog
    • Keyboard Accelerator for
      • setting focus in Search field
      • setting focus in Selection Buttons area
      • for seeking forward and backwards in Audio Players (Mini + Metadata mask)
      • changing Tabs within a Tab control (e.g. settings dialog, meta data mask), can now be changed by keyboard (CTRL+Tab and CTRL+Shift+Tab)
      • Left arrow in filter tree is now supported
      • opening Combo boxes added (e.g. in entry mask "News")
      • "Mark In" go a space now (before it was "MarkIn") - configuration key did not change
    • Clear focus styling for custom buttons
  • Readability for Screen Reader has been improved for various use cases
    • DigaGrid supports now UIA/MSAA
    • Embellished buttons provide now UIA/MSAA properties
    • Status bar
    • Toolbar buttons provide associated accelerator key to MSAA properties
    • Temporary parameter |DBM|UseSystemColorsForSelectedText| has been introduced, if set to "1" focus color changes to Windows standard focus color and allows JAWS to inter-act with DBM
  • UX Improvements within settings dialog
    • Shortcuts are now alphabetically ordered
    • Search field for shortcuts
  • Last checkmark BMP based symbols have been replaced by ImageSource
  • DBM supports now different UI schemes
  • STT-5639 - Refactoring for avoiding DBM crash under certain circumstances and when table is changed dynamically performing "Fulltextsearch"
Fixed issues
  • StoryConnect

    • STT-5159 - Targets must be mixable with their sub-targets
    • STT-5160 - External targets must be before internal targets
    • STT-5165 - Long StoryConnect target name hides Remove button

    • STT-5247 - Shortcuts for StoryConnect menu items
    • STT-5308 - Possibility to hide ALL in StoryConnect Target Mask
    • CCD-41280 - Opening StoryConnect mask lasts longer and longer

  • STT-4985 - Crashes on start
  • STT-5074 - News Mask opens slowly if many definitions are defined
  • STT-5227 - Fix Memory leaks regarding CString s = DSEntryToXML5 pattern

  • STT-5260 - Sometimes shows exception when deleting a group

  • STT-5290 - D&D of file from Windows Explorer into Group not working as exepected
  • STT-5375 - Crash when entering 'Gain (dB)' on tab 'Music 2' when a Video is loaded

  • STT-5393 - Sequoia button only active after selection of an entry
  • STT-5465 - Group-area shows irritating behaviour (no title) after creation of groups in another table
  • STT-5507 - DigaGrid: "Group" symbol is not correctly truncated
  • STT-5543 - No scrollbar for definitions area
  • STT-5548 - Newly Created Group Isn't Opened in Group Pane
  • STT-5590 - MarkOut is set to 0:00 when saving with SimulatedOverwrite
  • STT-5611 - Error message is popped up when selecting "OnlyGroups" for group filter dropdown
  • CCD-41017 - Custom actions show sometimes black rectangle instead of custom image
  • CCD-41059 - Restoring Window Layout Hides Main Grid, happened also if both side panes are collapsed, proportion of entry vs. group area is not kept on vertical resizing
  • CCD-41283 - Import of specific Audio files crashes DBM
  • CCD-41288 - Changing table shows irritating behaviour in group-area

  • CCD-41295 - Admin table columns saving broken

  • CCD-41320 - Wrong filter after Esc when embedding into group

  • CCD-41341 - Crash when opening and pre-listening of a very large Audio file

  • CCD-41382, CCD-41457 - Program/Show are pre-selected / pre-filled when creating new entry
  • CCD-41387 - Copy of a story with wrong error-message: "Datei nicht gefunden"
  • CCD-41429 - Black background in Audio Conversion dialog
  • CCD-41449 - Selection buttons not fully visible after executing StepsToReproduce
  • CCD-41458 - CopyTextFile=TRUE not working as in DBM v4 ()
  • CCD-41459 - DigaText button with DigaRTF.ocx toolbar in Moderation tab not working
  • CCD-41497 - Deletion of a media file does not udpate *.dbx file
  • CCD-41502 - Window-title of group meta data mask shows entry and not group
  • CCD-41337 - Create new group does not ask for target table
Fixed MultiRec issues
  • CCD-41283 - MultiRec in DBM crashed when opening MUS files with DAVID header but without waveform data
  • CCD-41534 - Allow Copy (CTRL-C) in various places of the MultiRec OCX player
  • STT-5286 - When recording in DBM, pressing "Play" button should have no effect, when recording is already running
  • STT-5571 - New interface IAudioBoard::GetPosition() and extension of IEasyPlayer::AddPlayFileXML() - necessary to implement "Skip" functionality in DBM
  • Buttons in MultiRec UI in DBM inadvertently had a focus marking

DBM v4.x






This is the last bug fix Release of DBM 4.x, as this product reached now End of Life

  • DBM requires Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Download “vcredist_x86.exe” at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads)
  • DBM requires MultiRec 2.1.336.0 or higher, recommended is MultiRec or newer
  • DBM works only with DigaContentTabHost.dll or higher
  • DBM works only with DigaRTF.ocx or higher
  • DBM works only with OtmControl.ocx 1.3.346.17 or higher
  • DBM works with Loudness Visualization Control (lvc.ocx) or higher
  • It is recommended to run DBM 4.14.7538.10 with DigaSQL.dll 3.14.3455.0 or newer
New Features
  • DBM has been set to LARGEADDRESSAWARE
Fixed Issues
  • STT-5227 - Fix Memory leaks regarding CString s = DSEntryToXML5 pattern