• DigaSQL.dll version 3.14.3468.0 or newer. Recommended: 3.16.3483.0


  • Jingle groups can have an access control list (ACL) now. If an ACL is empty, everyone has write rights, otherwise a user/group must be listed in the ACL to have write rights. "Higher" rights, like the manage right supersede an ACL. You need DigAIRange version 5.9.801.0 or newer to have an extended manage dialog for jingle groups in order to set an ACL.

  • The information returned by GetDayStatusList includes now the last change timestamp for each day.
  • The surrounding node returned by GetShowList includes now the date of the requested day.

Bug fixes

  • BCS allowed to insert nodes below an "Element".

  • The functions to create regio groups/elements on all scheduling tracks did miss to fill in the Time_ReferenceGUID field. Therefore, the relative start attributes were not correct.

  • The function RepairBacklinksInShow could crash with an access violation.

  • The information about a node locked in a show/track with a remote link could be wrong. It could show the name of the asking user/workstation instead of the name of the user who set the lock.