• TurboPlayerService.exe or newer

New features

  • [SGU-3360] WTP: CCDA-1216: Process MacroCommandMessage TP_ChangeUserButtonProp accordingly
  • [SGU-4661]: WTP: Notify user when GetJingleGroups Timeout happens inside WTP or TPS
  • [SGU-3467]: WTP: CCDA-1230: Notification if TurboPlayer is not running

Fixed issues

  • [SGU-4475] WTP: Activation Mode Button Does Not Honor TurboPlayer|ActivationModes
  • [SGU-3359] WTP: CCDA-1231-WTP keeps former Jinglegroup after TP-Restart
  • [SGU-4734] WTP: CCDA-2036: Static text w/enabled parser is broken
  • [SGU-4642]: WTP: CCDA-1954: Context menu functions not working
  • [SGU-4428]: WTP: Fix re-connect to same GUI id after interrupted connection
  • [SGU-4601]: WTP: CCDA-1798: Jinglebank disappear in rehearse mode
  • [SGU-4209]: Prevent selection loops
  • [SGU-4209]: Refactoring: use single selection service
  • [SGU-4209]: Improve resilience to unexpected formatting of macro parameters
  • [SGU-4209]: Use new selection service in TP_StandardScreen
  • [SGU-4209] WTP: Selection macro handled incorrectly
  • [SGU-4098]: WTP: Moving elements into / out of a group / story with opened WDA leads to only group / story header being displayed in WTP
  • [SGU-4075]: WTP: Fix CCDA-1531 WebTP and/or TPService unusable after WebTP reconnect - increased wait time for ping
  • [SGU-4080]: WTP: D&D in rundown broken
  • [SGU-3482]: WTP: CCDA-1392: Wrong GUI number order on +9 GUIs
  • [SGU-2938]: WTP: Moving all elements out of a group wrongly copies them
  • WTP: Important fixes due to ember update


  • [SGU-4702]: WTP: Comment out code regarding "Fader Button" and "P2P audio"
  • [SGU-4655]: WTP: Clean unnecessary GetShow request to TPS
  • [SGU-4579]: TPS: Analyse : Error in login: A connection to GUI no 2 was already established by another connection
  • [SGU-3482]: WTP: CCDA-1392: Wrong GUI number order on +9 GUIs – Navigating back to WTP login page after successful GUI connection displays unsorted list