Audio Editors v7.8

7.7.1687.16 (bug fixes only)
7.7.1687.16 (bug fixes only)
7.7.1687.16 (bug fixes only)
Dependencies (recommended versions)
  • MultiRec_4 (4.7.302.0) is required by all audio editors v7.8
  • LoudnessDLL.dll ( optional for loudness workflows
  • LVC.ocx ( optional for loudness workflows
  • MteDefaultCustomMask.dll ( optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaContentTabHost.dll ( optional for integration with Content Manager

  • DigaXmlTransformer ( optional for EDL export with XSL transformation
  • BCGPEdit260U141.dll ( optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • SpeechmaticsInterface.dll ( optional for Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on)
  • TIOEmberPlus.dll ( optional for remote controlling MTE with Ember+.
  • AAFCOAPI.dll ( optional for AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) 
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package

  • Express Editing (Speech to Text add-on) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing and an integration with a transcription provider! Currently supported: Speechmatics API v2.0
  • Ember+ integration is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.

  • AAF Export (Handover to ProTools) is not part of a standard delivery. It requires separate licensing.
  • The Audio Editors have been tested with the Advantech PCIE-1760-AE relay card on Windows 10. This combination is working fine and is supported.
New Features
  • Toggle Normal/Edit Mode by Accelerator
  • Optionally omit download of audio from DPE
  • Ask for credentials (password) if OIDC Token expires
  • Enable saving Projects into DBM Groups
  • Configurable prevention of change of track edit type (e.g. "Sample exact")
  • Make maximum number of characters in RBS text window configurable
  • Rename "UI schemes" to "Themes" in menu
  • Global parameter for AllowSaveToGroup
  • Add Accelerator for "Duck" in STS
  • Settings/Accelerators should be in the language of the program
  • Save/restore state of Scrub Bar when switching screens
Fixed Issues
  • Moving sound head during playback leads to "jumping" waveform
  • Fade point position jumps from 1.20 dB to 3.19 dB
  • Field "Author" is saved with wrong value in "Bulk Save" workflow
  • Accelerator for "Cut inside" doesn't work on STS
  • Display bug in ETS when changing volume of first fade point
  • Plugins do not retain settings with Growing Files
  • Closing Fade Dialog with ENTER key doesn't always work
  • Many buttons don't show a "pressed" visual state
  • Soundhead jumps not to the end when click on empty area during playout
  • Cursor-Left/Right keys shouldn't act on screen switch tabs
  • Inserting across all-tracks-range of selected take, brings end of previous take
  • Improve shutdown procedure, when S2T analysis is pending
  • After Separating Audio, Effects are still Coupled
  • MTE - UseScrubBySkip - spielt über die Hüllkurve hinaus
  • Window for saving/load projects is too wide when having a very long title
  • Don't crash, when file creation fails while trying to render a file to disk
  • Display of Scrub Bar and state of "Scrub" button can get out of sync