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New Features

  • Support of secure connection protocols https and wss
  • Support for output live monitoring
  • Scheduling extended by new queryable data fields and sort fields
  • Extended generic query expressions for case-insensitive comparison and regular expressions (new comparators ~, !~, ==~, !=~)
  • HTTP and socket relaying between ROAD hosts
  • Support PreJobId for Relay Subscriptions and Notifications
  • Grouping socket notifications to reduce network load
  • New endpoints add - see
    • api/schedules new parameter "ResetOccurrences", which leads into immediate stop or start of a new schedule as specified
    • api/timezones added
    • api/hosts added
    • api/versions added
    • api/variables added
    • api/filterSettings added to update DirectShow filter settings of a running job
  • Extended "DELETE jobs" operation
  • Allow Client Data in Job Description
  • Read Credentials from Hidden Variable; Save with "***"
  • All support for "DpeUpload" specification was removed (has been labelled as "deprecated" since a long time)
  • Replaced Direct Show filters from Datastead with FFmpeg (streaming source, streaming output, limiter, …)
  • Strongly improved and hardened streaming source filter (esp. in regards to connection breaks)
  • Support for deferred entry creation by DPE Writer filter
  • DPE Writer creates ".entry" files for failed uploads
  • Store metadata also with DPE Writer's "backup" file
  • Change Worker Log File Naming
  • Support Placeholders for LocalFile
  • Option to create only a local file
  • Add "Monitoring via T-Filter" option to ROAD Worker
  • Create DirectShow Filter shell for VST3 support
  • Add VST3 functionality to VST3 transformer filter
  • Integrate FFmpeg Audio Transformer into Road Worker
  • Update DirectShow filter settings for a running job
  • ASIO Source Filter: Option to "auto-select" audio sample rate
  • Extended ROAD installer
  • MongoDB connection is checked in the setup
  • Make Setup usable for enterprise

Fixed Issues

  • STT-6599 - Jobs Which are Finished by Service Shutdown Have Still "Running" State
  • STT-6692 - Interview Recorder Setup fails after upgrade to .net 4.8
  • STT-6788 - Clarify and Fix Time Zone Issues on Schedules
  • STT-6846 - Premature Start of Recording
  • STT-7045 - ROAD: Playout job loses output data in Pause/Resume sequence
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