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  • Minimum DPE Services 2.4.301.0 is needed


  • Worker: Support secure DPE Token


  • Free Jobs Client: Omit Socket (Port) Config and Use API Instead
  • Service
    • Improve response when relayed device query fails
    • Improve Response for Schedules' NextOccurrence Field
    • Extend Logging for REST Requests
    • Query Expressions: Support for Escaping Characters and Function 'exists'
    • Query Expressions: Add function 'contains'
    • Subscriptions: Immediately Send Status or Confirmation
    • External control: Migrate SimIO.dll to 64 bit
    • External control: Migrate EmberPlus.dll to 64 bit, Interface EmberPlus64.dll to C#, implement C# wrapper
    • External control: Service receiving control command must trigger according job
    • Scheduling: ExternalControl Job Must Not Start Running (by Default)
  • Worker
    • Add support for VST3 wrapper filter
    • Metadata field "Story" of database groups can be explicitly set in the job description
    • Added "SwitchCount" field to output switch notification message
  • Installer
    • Keep parameters from old RoadService.config.exe without modifying Setup
    • Upgrade installation: Keep old installation folder
    • Create instruction for running Setup by Remote PowerShell
    • Make Service Start Optional
    • Silent Upgrade
    • Add TIOEmberPlus64.dll und SimIO64.dll to Installer
    • Query and Update Default Credentials
    • Add DPE default credential input

Fixed Issues

  • OIA-771 - ROAD Worker: Time stamp of created database entries is sometimes incorrect
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