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Audio Synthesizer Filter Specification

This filter is for debugging purposes only. It is an audio source filter, which generates a specific audio signal defined by the filter's settings.

JSON Structure

	"name": "Audio Synthesizer",
    "format": {
        "sampleRate": ...,
        "resolution": ...,
        "numberOfChannels": ...
    "waveform": {
        "form": "...",
        "frequency": ...,
        "amplitude": ...
    "timeline": {
        "playFrom": ...,
        "playUntil": ...,
        "loopAfter": ...,
        "loop": true/false

Describes the audio format, which is created by the source.

  • sampleRate: Sampling rate in Hz.
  • resolution: Bit width of a single audio sample. Supported values are 8, 16 and 24.
  • numberOfChannels: Number of audio channels, typically either 1 (for mono data) or 2 (for stereo data). The field is optional, with a default value of 2.

Describes the type of signal created by the source.

  • form: Either "Sine" (sine wave) or "Rect" (rectangle). The field is optional, default is "Rect".
  • frequency: Signal frequency in Hz. The field is optional, default is 440.
  • amplitude: Signal amplitude in percent full range (i.e. between 0 and 100). The field is optional, default is 50.
timeline(To be defined)

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