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DigaSQL Writer Filter Specification

The DigaSQL Writer filter can only be used as the last filter in an output graph. It creates a new audio entry in a DigaSystem database table, using the DigaSQL64.DLL. To generate a valid file, it should be preceded in the output graph by a WAVDest filter.

The DigaSQL Writer is a derivative of the DPE Writer Filter. Instead of the DPE Services, it uses the DigaSQL64.DLL to interact with DigaSystem. Otherwise, it follows the same pattern and supports the same options as the DPE Writer.

	"name": "DigaSQL Writer",

For options, refer to the DPE Writer Filter Specification.

Differences from DPE Writer

  • The option "dpeUrl" is ignored.

  • Additional requirements:

    • DigaSQL64.DLL must be fully configured in the Windows Registry, incl. the path to the DLL and the various PAR file locations.

    • Direct read/write access to the file share, where the destination table stores its essence files, is needed.

  • The files are always directly written directly to the file share. Therefore, the option "directFileAccess" is ignored (effectively, it’s always "on"), and the remarks about the handling of the "filename" setting in "metadata" fully apply.

  • The DigaSQL Writer can write to “local” DigaSystem databases.

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