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File Writer Filter Specification

The file writer filter can only be used as the last filter in an output graph. It creates an audio file. To generate a valid file, it should be preceded in the output graph by a WAVDest filter.

JSON Structure

	"name": "FileWriter",
	"filePath": "..."

Absolute path of the audio file, which the filter will write. This can be a local path or a network file path.


  • The actual filename of the created file may be different from the specified file path. If the name is already in use, ROAD attaches a suffix to create a new filename (so that existing files are not overwritten). Also, the file path can contain so-called "variables", which are replaced by actual values. Currently supported variables are:
    • %TIMESTAMP%: Replaced by the actual time, at which the job has first switched to "running" state. Format is YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss.sss.

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