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ROAD Service API

ROAD can be controlled via an open API, which is documented in DAVID's developer hub, which is addressed to developers. Anyhow it can be useful to have some understanding about ROAD's basic data structures and concepts, which are explained in subpages.

Introduction to the ROAD Service and the architecture: Introduction and General Architecture.

Introduction to ROAD jobs and their data model: Jobs Data.

Introduction to ROAD job templates: Templates Data

Introduction to ROAD schedules: Schedule Data.

REST interface from clients to Service - note this documentation belongs to the developer hub has restricted access: REST API

General note for interface command's casing: All field names passed to ROAD's REST and web socket interfaces are accepted in PascalCase and camelCase. All results from these interfaces are formatted with field names in camelCase. All content of fields is expected or returned as quoted in this documentation (usually in PascalCase).


If authorization is requested by a ROAD Service, all REST requests must contain an authorization header and all web socket connections must be authorized by an initial authorization request. Details are documented in the Documentation ROAD SDK (developer hub).

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