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VST3 Filter Specification

With the VST3 filter, a VST3 plugin can be inserted into an input or output graph.

JSON Structure

	"name": "VST3 Filter",
	"dllPath": "...",
    "filterName": "...",
    "parameters": [
            "id": ...,
            "title": "...",
            "normalizedValue": ...,
            "stringValue": "..."

Full path to the VST3 module (a .vst3 file), which implements the effect

filterNameName of the VST3 effect. If the module has only a single effect (a quite common scenario), this parameter can be omitted.

An array of parameters, which define the settings of the effect.

  • "id" / "title": Either the numeric ID or the title of a parameter must be specified.
  • "normalizeValue": The normalized value of the parameter, which is always a floating point number between 0 and 1. This can be omitted, if a "stringValue" is specified.
  • "stringValue": A string representing the value of the parameter.
    • If "normalizedValue" is specified, "stringValue" is ignored.
    • Some parameters of a VST3 effect might not accept a string value.

(warning) An external helper tool is needed, to get IDs/names and possible values of all effect parameters!

Any effect parameters, which are not specified, keep their default values.

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