The InstaRecorder is for spontaneous recordings with the ROAD Backend and provides the following use cases:

  • Control recordings from a browser user interface
  • Record into a DigaSystem Table
  • A recording title can be assigned and changed before and during recording
  • Simultaneous recordings from different sources
  • Markers can be set, changed (Title not the position) and deleted while the recording is running
  • The recording start can be triggered by a button click or via the volume trigger
  • Recordings can be paused
  • A running recording can be split, this will create a new database entry
  • Source Monitoring (Prelisten control) of the selected audio input directly with our web browser

InstaRecorder Areas

Log in Dialog

For login use your DigaSystem User and Password.

Recording Source

Selection for the input device and recording channels (CH...). Currently you can select one (mono) or two channels (stereo).

Table & Metadata

DigaSystem table and title for the next recording. During recording it is possible to change/update the title.

Faders & Levels

To adjust the input gain for your recordings and the trigger level for "level triggered recordings". 
The Monitor switch enables pre listen of the defined audio source directly with the browser. 

Control Buttons

Every ROAD Recorder can be used for spontaneous recordings and for level triggered recordings.

Level triggered recordings

A "level triggered recording" is prepared if the "Trigger Audio Level Fader" is not set to "infinite". This is also indicated by an "Automatic mode" symbol on the red record button.
By clicking on the red "Record Trigger" button, the level meter will show the input modulation. At this point it is also possible to activate the "Monitor" switch to listen to the audio source.

Now you can click on the "Play" button to activate the autostart. As soon as the defined level is exceeded, the recording starts.
In some situations, you may want to start recording immediately without waiting for the defined level. Just press the "Play" button again and the recording will start immediately.

Spontaneous recordings

The "Spontaneous recording" can be started in a tape machine mode. First press the red "Record Trigger" button. Now you should see the input modulation and you can also use the "Monitor" switch.

With the second click at the "Play" button you can start the recording now.


In both modes you can now after the cording has started press the "Pause" button.

Create new entry

With this button a new database entry can be created during a new recording. The audio is separated at the point of the click and saved in a new database entry from this point on. The title is numbered consecutively.

Example of different recording states:


During recording it is possible to create audio markers. Created markers can be deleted or renamed while recording is in progress.