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Configure InstaRecorder

Setting the DigaSystem parameters for the InstaRecoder has the following sections:

Each parameter is described in the complete list.

Audio Format

The Audio format is the one used for all recordings in InstaRecorder.

It specifies the resolution and the sample rate.


  • Resolution
  • SampleRate

Audio level scales

The Audio level scales can be configured separately for the faders and the level meter, which shares one scale with the level trigger.

Each scale value to be displayed can be defined. They can be represented in logarithmic or linear scale.


  • LinearDbScale
  • Segments


Any amount of recorder strips can be defined to appear by default.

Parameter: RecorderCount

Configure each Recorder

Each Recorder gets a set of parameters defining the defaults for device, channels, DigaSystem table and title:

Its parameters are placed in a sub-folders Recorders\Recorder_<x> (<x> subsequent from 1 to the number of recorders), which contains:

  • Device
  • Table
  • Title
  • a sub-folder Channels with one key for each channel
    • CH<x> (<x> is the indicated channel number)

Automated Start Trigger

The Start Trigger mechanism is used to automatically start a recording when the audio level of a source device reaches a certain level for at least a defined amount of time.


  • StartSignal\LevelDb
  • StartSignal\DurationMs


Effects have to be Global

Effects have to be defined in the Global\Default namespace!

To apply effects to your recording (both for the monitoring and the output of the recording in DPE.

A sample parameter file is available as road-clients/docs/DPE-Parameter-samples/InstaRecorder_Effects_examples.par 

The configuration keys are the following:

  • Effects\SaveRawAudioWhenApplyingEffect
  • Effects\FreezeEffectWhileRecording
  • Effects\My Effect\Label
  • Effects\My Effect\FilterSpec
  • Effects\Another Effect\Label
  • Effects\Another Effect\FilterSpec
  • Effect\ ...

Each subfolder of the InstaRecorder \ Effects folder will be an effect, with a label and a filterSpec (see more details and example in the table below)

Because applying an effect to a recording could incur data losses (if the effect renders the output audio file unusable), InstaRecorder will save a RAW audio file (without effect) alongside the primary recording (with the effect).

This behavior is controlled by the key InstaRecorder / Effects / SaveRawAudioWhenApplyingEffect which defaults to true.

Be aware that setting this key to false could incur data losses.

See more information below

An effect can be selected (through a dropdown) by the user, and can be switched on/off before the beginning of the recording.

This behavior is controlled by the key InstaRecorder / Effects / FreezeEffectWhileRecording which defaults to true.

If the parameter is set to true, the effect will be fixed when starting the recording, i.e. when click on the "Record" button.

If the parameter is set to false, the effect can be switched on/off while the recording is created, but the selected effect cannot be changed.

Complete list of DigaSystem parameters for InstaRecorder

FolderParameterDefault ValueFormat / ExampleDescription
Id of the InstaRecorder instance. All instances with the same id are synchronized.
InstaRecorderMaxRecordingLength01:00:0001:00:00Duration after which an automatic switch of output files is done.

Number of recorders to be available in parallel

For each of them a section "InstaRecorder / Recorders / Recorder_x" can be configured (see below).

InstaRecorderRoadServiceUrl URL (including protocol and port) of the ROAD Service
InstaRecorderTitleTemplate{Title} [${StartTime||yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss||L}] {Counter}{Title} [${StartTime||yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss||L}] {Counter}Pattern to use when saving an entry to DPE. The {Title} will be filled from the specific recorder's title entry and be supplemented with start time and counter as specified in this pattern.
InstaRecorderZeroLengthFileDeletionnosoft / hard / noZero length entries are created with a paused recording which never started. This parameter specifies what to do with those entries: 
  • "soft": the database entry is soft-deleted
  • "hard": the database entry is hard-deleted
  • "no": the database entry is not deleted
InstaRecorder / FormatResolution2424A number that represents the resolution (in bits) of the audio stream.
InstaRecorder / FormatSampleRate4410048000A number that represents the sample rate (in Hz) of the audio stream.
InstaRecorder / InputScaleLinearDbScalefalsetrue / falseIf the level meter's scale is linear or logarithmic
InstaRecorder / InputScaleSegments100.0,6.0,3.0,0.0,-3.0,-6.0,-9.0,-12.0,-48.0100.0, 6.0, 3.0, 0.0, -3.0, -6.0, -9.0, -12.0, -48.0Comma-separated floating point number which should be shown on the level meter's scale.
InstaRecorder / TriggerScaleLinearDbScalefalsetrue / falseIf the trigger's scale is linear or logarithmic
InstaRecorder / TriggerScaleSegments100.0,0.0,-3.0,-6.0,-12.0,-48.0100.0, 6.0, 3.0, 0.0, -3.0, -6.0, -9.0, -12.0, -48.0Comma-separated floating point number which should be shown on the trigger fader's scale.
InstaRecorder / StartSignalDurationMs2020Required time that the audio has to be over the LevelDb in order to trigger the recording.
InstaRecorder / StartSignalLevelDb-3.0-12.0Floating point number that represents the required audio level (in dB) at which the recording will be triggered.
InstaRecorder / Recorders / Recorder_1Device

The device selected by default on this recorder
InstaRecorder / Recorders / Recorder_1Table

The default DPE output table - where the recordings made on this recorder will be saved

Must contain the name of the database and the name of the table, separated with a backslash ( '\'), like in the example.

InstaRecorder / Recorders / Recorder_1Title

The default title of the recording for this recorder. This title is inserted into the TitleTemplate when saving output to DPE.
InstaRecorder / Recorders / Recorder_1 / ChannelsCH1

One parameter key per channel (e.g. CH1) with the value being the fader's default level (in dB) as a floating point number.
InstaRecorder / Recorders / Recorder_1 / ChannelsCH2 etc.

Any amount of channels
InstaRecorder / Recorders / Recorder_2 etc.

All recorder parameters until RecorderCount
InstaRecorder / EffectsFreezeEffectWhileRecordingtrue

Binary value determining if the effect could be switched on/off while a recording is active

InstaRecorder / EffectsSaveRawAudioWhenApplyingEffecttrue
When applying an effect to the audio output, InstaRecorder will still record the raw audio alongside the audio with the filter applied, in case the effect renders the recording unusable.
InstaRecorder / Effects / My EffectLabel

The name of the effect that will be displayed in the UI.

If this key is not present, the name of the folder (e.g. "My Effect") will be used to be displayed in the UI.

InstaRecorder / Effects / My EffectFilterSpec
  "filterName": "acompressor",
  "options": {
    "level_in": 1.0,
    "mode": "downward",
    "threshold": 0.125,
    "ratio": 2.0,
    "attack": 20.0,
    "release": 250.0,
    "makeup": 1.0,
    "knee": 2.82843,
    "link": "average",
    "detection": "rms",
    "level_sc": 1.0,
    "mix": 1.0
JSON structure representing a FFMpeg audio filter. See more information here.
InstaRecorder / Effects / My other effect etc

Other effects that can be used 
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