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Configure settings.json

This page is about the settings in settings.json, which contains few basic settings for a web client.

All ROAD clients application settings contain one parameter: The link to DPE

Other application settings are specific to different clients. You find them in paragraphs below.

Configuration file creation

Copy the settings_template.json file to settings.json in the root application folder.

Edit the newly created settings.json and change the settings according to your needs. This should look like this (e.g. for ROAD Scheduling):

Common Configuration Options

Admin, Scheduling, InstaRecorder: dpeUrl

This mandatory option is the url of the DPE host InstaRecorder will be connecting to. The corresponding option for Admin and Scheduling is similar, named 'digaDpeHost' and described above.

This connection is necessary for storing recordings in one of the DPE database table.

digaDpeHost: example

"dpeUrl": ""

In ROAD Admin v1.0 and ROAD Scheduling v1.0, this configuration option was called digasDpeHost. This option was renamed dpeUrl in v1.1 for consistency, but digasDpeHost is still supported for backward compatibility.

ROAD Scheduling Client: Configuration file creation

Parameter 'formats'

This mandatory option will contain the list of formats that can be used when making a recording in ROAD.

Each entry of the list must contain the following fields:

  • name: string - display name when shown in the UI
  • sampleRate: number (in Hz)
  • resolution: number (in bits)

formats: example

"formats": [
  { "name": "format 1", "sampleRate": 48000, "resolution": 16 },
  { "name": "format 2", "sampleRate": 44100, "resolution": 24 }

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