Audio Editors

Speech To Text

Navigate your audio faster than ever with our new Speech to Text add-on. This tool allows you to automatically analyze audio via a text transcription. Through synchronized selection of text and audio, you can attain simplified, prompt editing.

Clipboard Search

Clipboard Search allows you to find content easy and develop stories in a more streamline fashion.


The Pre-Listening feature allows you to get to the clip you want to hear when you want to hear it.

Split Stereo Channels

The ability to split stereo channels at the click of a button speeds up production.

Drag & Drop

An intuitive user-friendly feature that allows you to get content to your timeline faster.

Copy VST Effects

The video will demonstrate how you can copy VST effects (including their settings) from one object to another or one track to another track. The ability to easily copy VST effects allows you to save valuable time in the development of a story.