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Configuring VoiceOverComponent (VOC)


The VoiceOverComponent feature is a licensed tool designed to make simple voice-over transitions within your rundown.

Presently, VoiceOverComponent supports three tracks: the top and bottom tracks are for audio, while the middle track is reserved for voice recordings. It's important to note that due to browser limitations, hosting WebDigAIRange on a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) server is necessary for the microphone to function properly.

To utilize the VoiceOverComponent, simply drag and drop an element onto the first track; subsequent elements will be added automatically. Elements loaded into VoiceOverComponent will be indicated by a wrench icon in the transitions column of the rundown.

Once you've recorded and saved a voice transition, it will appear in the rundown as "Voice Transition."

The transitions column will now indicate which elements have been transitioned.


To display the transitions column in the rundown, it need to be added to the settings.json e.g.

"columns": "Transitions",

You can also configure automatic voice ducking in the settings.json, please refer to the “Transitions” settings on the main configuration page. Main Configuration Settings

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