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Configuring WebDigAIRange

First adjustments: settings.json

If you have created a settings.json file already, you can customize it according to this documentation. Otherwise refer to Copying Templates.

  • Step 1: Program Configuration

    First, set the program parameter to enable login and access to the Calendar feature. Modify the settings.json file as follows:

    "program": "Template Program"

    This step is crucial for initial access and should be completed with the exact program name intended for use.

  • Step 2: Adjust all URL parameters according to your BcsService configuration:

    "service": "ws://bcs-service:8085/",
    "restService": "http://bcs-service:8081/bcs/",
    "audioURL": "http://bcs-service:8081/bcs/AudioFile?Id=%@",
    "audioStreamURL": "http://bcs-service:8081/bcs/PrelistenFile?Id=%@",
    "waveformURL": "http://bcs-service:8081/bcs/WaveFormFile?Id=%@",
  • Step 3: Login with a DigaSystem user.

    You are now ready to use WebDigAIRange!

    You can customize it further looking at the following section and pages.

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