Fade points in Edit Display Mode

Reset fade points to a pre-configured value

  • Parameter: …|MultiTrack|Settings|FadePointResetValue (Value: -200…0dBFS)

  • A double click on a fade point places it between the other volume points without changing the volume of the audio. With this parameter configured, the fade point will be placed at a pre-defined volume (e.g. -9dBFS), effectively changing the volume at this point. The value can be set between -200 and 0 dB. If the parameter is not entered manually, this feature is not active.

Default Track Height

You can configure a default track height with the following parameters in the section Settings:


Height of a track in Edit Display mode (max. 256 pixels)


Height of a track in Block Display mode (max. 512 pixels). This pixel value includes the height of the Select Area (see below)


Height of the Select Area in Block Mode (max 46 pixels). The pixel value is part of the TrackHeightNormal parameter, not additional.

Set default for Volume Scale Type

The volume scale in the track head can display either dB values, or % values (linear). You can configure the default scale using ScaleType... parameters in the Settings. Parameter value 1 = %-linear scale; parameter value 2 = dB scale.

  • SingleTrack Editor: ScaleTypeST
  • EasyTrack Editor: ScaleTypeET
  • MultiTrack Editor: ScaleTypeMT

A context menu is available in the scale to change the type manually.