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AAF Export


The Audio Editor can export the material on the clipboard and in the timeline as an AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) file. AAF is a format, which can be imported by the Avid Pro Tools Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software. The AAF file contains not simply plain audio created from the MTE timeline, but is a true "project" file. This means that information about individual clips is preserved, so that those clips can be moved and trimmed after import to Pro Tools.


  • Copy AAFCOAPI.dll to your DigaSystem folder.
  • Set Audio Editor parameter Settings/UseAAFExport=1 .


From the "File" menu, choose the "Export AAF" option:

The option is available on the MultiTrack, EasyTrack and SingleTrack screens. A file selection dialog appears, where you can choose the name of the AAF file which will be created.

The editor will then convert the audio material on the clipboard into a format which is suitable for AAF. Because this takes some time, you get a progress dialog, where you can also cancel the whole operation.

When the audio has been written, the AAF file itself is created. In case of large projects, this can also take a while.

Supported Features

MultiTrack Editor allows to create complex audio timelines, with fade curves, cross-fades, audio filters and other features. Not everything of this feature set can be exported to AAF. Currently, the export of following items from MTE's workspace is supported:

  • All takes on the clipboard
  • All tracks
  • All audio clips on the tracks
  • Overall volume changes on audio objects
  • Simple fade-in/fade-out on single audio objects

Not supported are:

  • Audio filters and effects
  • Fade curves
  • Time-stretched audio

Further Parameters

Settings/MaxTrimLengthInAaf: Value in seconds, default is 10. This is the maximum amount, by which you can trim out a clip (i.e. move the trim-in marker to the left, or the trim-out marker to the right) from the exported AAF in Pro Tools.

Export to other DAW Software

MTE's AAF export has been developed for and tested with Avid Pro Tools only. Export to other DAW systems, which support some flavor of AAF, may work with limitations or not at all.

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