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Speech to Text and the Clipboard

This page describes speech to text operations and indicators in the clipboard.

Loading Speech to Text Data

Speech to text data is automatically loaded when available. No specific operations are supplied to explicitly load the data.

Speech to text data comes as a separate file when the audio is loaded as an audio file. When the audio is loaded from DBM or DPE, speech to text data comes from the same source. When audio is contained in a project (embedded or referenced), speech to text data is loaded from the project.

The speech to text indicator in the clipboard indicates the current state of available data.

While transcribing

An error occurred

With analyzed speech to text

Launching Analysis

Whether or not speech to text data is available, you can always launch speech to text analysis, provided it has been enabled and configured correctly. Just right click a clipboard item and click "Speech to text analysis" in the menu that pops up. This menu entry may pop up a sub menu which lets you pick a specific service.

The speech to text indicator displays this indicator 

during analysis. When analysis is finished, the result is loaded, replacing the previous data if there was any, and the indicator shows 
for available speech to text. If an error is encountered, the indicator turns
. In case you have not canceled the transcription but 
is displayed, you should consult the log file for detailed information.

If the audio under analysis is currently loaded into the SingleTrack timeline, the transcript is also loaded into the speech to text window.

Note that audio can only be analyzed if they are contained in a standard audio file. This excludes audio embedded in a project, and sometimes even audio referenced from a project. In these cases, the menu item "Speech to text analysis" is disabled and appears dimmed.

Saving Speech to Text Data

When you drag a clipboard item that has speech to text data to the "save" icon in the toolbar, in order to save it to the file system, to DBM, or to DPE, then the speech to text data is automatically saved to the same destination. The same is true when saving a project (but that is not a clipboard operation).

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