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The DigaSystem Audio Editors work with a pool of media objects which are listed in the Clipboard pane.

All editor screens share this clipboard. All objects in the timeline of any screen are part of the clipboard, which can provide even more material. Adding items to the clipboard can be done at any time from different sources.

Vertical layout

Horizontal layout

The clipboard pane contains some tabs which keep lists of items to get them organized. Two tabs are pre-defined: Audio and Effects. The Effects tab shows all available effect plugins.

General Usage

Clipboard Items

Each clipboard tab shows a list of media items, which can be of different types:

  • Audio: Here the editor distinguish between takes and clips. Takes are represented as audio files (in the file system or database), clips are references to takes or parts of takes.
  • Text
  • Placeholder: Also called virtual elements

The layout of the items in the list depends on the size of the whole clipboard. In vertical layout the items' data is arranged in multiple lines. In horizontal layout all data is displayed in one line.

Vertical layout

Horizontal layout

1Play/Stop button

Start playback for prelistening.

(while playback the button changes to a Stop button)

2Object type

T: Take or Text
C: Clip
V: Virtual entry (= placeholder)

3Usage countCount of references to this object in timeline of currently open screen. Omitted for zero count.
4TitleObject title or file name
(only audio)
Length of audio
6Format info
(only audio)
Format info depends on actual data
7Collapse/enlarge button
(only audio in vert. layout)
Collapses the item's data to only the first line (to save display space) or enlarges it
8Selection indexShows the sequence number of selected items
9Loudness ear symbol

Loudness ear indicating the loudness state of the item

When hovering the mouse over it a tooltip with the full loudness data appears.

10Delete buttonRemoves item from clipboard. If it is used in the editor's timeline, a warning appears.

Item's Context Menu

With a right-click on an item its context menu pops up:

Menu ItemDescription


(or double-click on item)

Opens the Properties dialog for the item.
RefreshRefresh file length (for growing files).
Load timestampsLoad timestamps.
Recalculate waveformRecalculates the waveform.
Split stereo channelsCreate new stereo split items from clipboard objects, see Clipboard Stereo Split.
Delete objectRemoves the object from clipboard (no files are deleted). If it is referenced in the timeline of any screen, a warning is posted.
Loudness analysisStarts a loudness analysis for this data. When finished, the result appears as loudness ear state.
Loudness normalization to takeStarts a loudness normalization. The correction gain is calculated into a newly rendered take, which appears at the bottom of the clipboard's list.
Loudness normalization to clipStarts a loudness normalization. The correction gain is set as meta data into a clip, which appears at the bottom of the clipboard's list.
colorsSelect one of the provided colors to change the item's color in clipboard and at any location in the timeline where it's used.

Sort and Search

In the top area of the clipboard there are control items to sort and search inside the item list below.

  • Sort order: Select a sort order
  • Filter: Select a filter
  • Search: Enter a search term to be applied on the items' title. Click the "x" symbol to clear this filter.

Data Exchange, Use Clipboard Objects

Media objects of supported types can be added to the clipboard by different ways:

  • Drag and drop a file from the Windows Explorer to the clipboard or to the timeline
  • Drag and drop an object from the DigaSystem Database Manager (DBM) or open it there by context menu, etc.
  • File open via main menu
  • Creation of new objects via various options inside the Audio Editors

Special Functions

Further documentation pages:

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