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Dependencies and changes for Audio Editors v8


  • MTE v8 doesn't provide the "standard effects", which came with MTE v7 (Equalizer, Compressor/Limiter, Subsonic filter).

  • If use of VST3 plugins is enabled in MTE, v8 will load 64-bit plugins instead of the 32-bit plugins loaded by MTE v7.

  • 32-bit OCX plugins cannot be loaded by MTE/STE v8.

  • MTE/STE v7 and v8 can be installed in parallel but cannot both run at the same time. When one version is already running, and you try to start the other one, you get the usual message, saying that an instance of the application is already running.

  • When both v7 and v8 are installed, and MTE/STE is started via DBM, the DigaSystemSetParam tool can be used to quickly change between v7 (32-bit) and v8 (64-bit) versions. 


  • For handing over the DigaSystem user from DBM to MTE without an additional login to MTE use DBM 5.9.8261.0 release version or later.

  • See release notes for more details at Audio Editors incl. MultiRec

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