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This documentation is about the whole family of DigaSystem Audio Editors, as there are MultiTrack, EasyTrack and SingleTrack Editor.

An overview of the user interface is given in page Program Overview.

Multiple Screens inside Editor

The Audio Editor is structured in multiple screens. Each screen has been designed for a specific task in the production process. Thus - in each editing state - only those elements and functions are displayed, which are needed for performing the next step. This way the user interface stays simple and clear. Switching between screens can be done without loosing information or any of the context.
All screens have a multi-format clipboard in common for sharing audio clips and RTF text clips. These clipboard's elements can be displayed and assorted in several ways. There is also an integrated format conversion for easy import and export of clips between the audio editor and the Database Manager, and with other applications. Furthermore, all screens' workspaces have transport buttons, faders and level meters.

Following screens are available:

  • MultiTrack Editor (MTE) screens: MultiTrack, Reporter Box, Record Mode, SingleTrack
  • EasyTrack Editor (ETE) screens: EasyTrack, Reporter Box, Record Mode, SingleTrack
  • SingleTrack Editor (STE) screens: Record Mode, SingleTrack

Common to All Editors

Due to their design for ASIO and Multi Media audio boards, the Audio Editors are fully compatible with all other DigaSystem applications. The editing of different audio formats is supported by an integrated format conversion capability. Third-party software can be integrated via DDE.

MultiTrack Editor

MTE is the high-end production tool within the DigaSystem family.
MTE is based on virtual track management. Its object-oriented concept allows for using any number of tracks and clips.
Due to the integrated 32-bit floating audio format conversion it is possible to work with different audio formats (MPEG, WAV, AIFF, etc.) within one project.

EasyTrack Editor

ETE is a production tool for the creation of entries within DigaSystem with extensive editing capabilities. It provides three tracks for editing of audio material. Therefore it can be seen as positioned between the modules STE and MTE.
Typically, frequent production jobs, e.g. the creation of an entry with background music, are the best suitable applications for the ETE. With the integration of an RTF text editor, existing clips can be complemented with comments and notes (for example lead-in). The Reporter Box supports the production flow process of clips that come from moderation and of sound bites - also from outside of conventional studios.

SingleTrack Editor

While providing extensive editing capabilities, the STE presents a clearly arranged user interface. One example is the bigger exposure of the waveform which passes a fixed soundhead. Projects may be saved in any current state, including all used sound files and edit decision lists.
For the use in music databases, the STE provides a range of special markers. They are used for the execution of fade in/out and for marking in/out times as well as different intro points etc.. By naming markers individually you can easily retrieve specific passages.
The editing of multiple audio formats is supported by a comprehensive format conversion tool. The time stretch function allows for the alignment of an entry‚Äôs actual length to a desired time range.

System Requirements

The Audio Editors can be used on machines operating with the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10

At least one audio device is needed for playback and recording.

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