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Track Routing

This function enables the routing of tracks to different audio channels of a multichannel sound card. For activation, the DigaSystem user needs to be granted the following right:

In DigaSystem Administrator


In DPEAdmin

Users & Groups|[User]|Rights Matrix|MTE_TrackRouting

You can access the sound card configuration via the menu Options -> Settings->Audio Output/Input.

Compatibility with older MTE versions: The track routing of an MTE session will be saved into the project. If such a project is loaded into an older MTE version (e.g. MTEv5), the channel routing will be routed the default way, e.g., the second track is routed to "Out 3+4”, the third to "Out 4+5” and so on.

Open the Options menu and select Track routing. If this option has the checkbox set, then the track routing functionality is active and the drop-down menu in each track head is available.

Select a channel in Timeline, then use the drop-down menu in the track head to select a pair of output channels (these channels must be defined in the MultiTrack Settings). The channel assignment will be saved into projects.

By default, the first track is assigned to the first output channel pair (here Track 1 is on Out 1+2); the second to the second; etc. If there are more tracks in use than output channel pairs available in the current configuration, the highest tracks are routed to the last available output channel pair (in this case every track from the forth one will get the Out 7+8 assignment.

See also Audio Output, esp. section Advanced Track Routing.

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