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UI Configuration

Structure of Parameters

For every work page (e.g. SingleTrack page) an individual sub key is created in the section Settings. Therefore every page can be configured individually. The sub keys are:

  • Settings/UIEasyTrack

  • Settings/UIRecordMode

  • Settings/UIMultiTrack

  • Settings/UIReporterBox

  • Settings/UIOCX

  • Settings/UISingleTrack

The layout is saved in the corresponding key when the editor is closed. To save changes the option Save Layout in Options -> Settings -> Global 2 has to be checked.

Layout Lock

In Settings the Parameter UILockLayout=1 may be set. With this setting the moving or re-arranging elements of the user interface is not possible.

Some areas may be excluded from the lock. It is required that the parameter UILockLayout=1 is set. When the value 0 is assigned to these parameters, the corresponding function is excluded and available in spite of the lock.


A section’s close button works (Default=1)


A section’s pin function is active (Default=1)


Sections are scalable in size as before (Default=0)


The sections may be docked to the main window (Default=1)


The sections may be undocked from the main window (Default=1)


The tool bars may be docked to the main window (Default=1)


The tool bars may be undocked from the main window (Default=1)

Define Custom Default Layout

A custom default layout can be defined by admins. This default layout may be recovered by users in the menu Window -> Default Layout at any time.

To define a new default layout, follow these steps:

  1. Arrange the sections in the way you wish.

  2. Make sure that the option under Options -> Settings -> Global 2 the Save Layout is flagged.

  3. Close the Editor, open the DigaSystem Administrator and expand the Settings sub key of the editor (e.g. |MultiTrack|Settings|)

Under Settings change the names of the sub keys as described below. The sub key name indicates the affected editor working page, e.g. UIReporterbox defines the layout of the Reporterbox Page:

Sub key name:

Rename into:

Sub key name:

Rename into:









UIOCX (custom OCX pages)




      4. Restart the editor and remove the check mark at "Save Layout” under Options -> Settings -> Global 2. The parameters named above are newly created when the Editor is closed again

The Layout parameters are read in this order:

  1. Saved layout parameter set

  2. Saved default layout parameter set

  3. Hard corded layout parameter set

As soon as the menu command Window -> Default Layout is executed, a default configuration is searched in this order:

  1. Saved default layout parameter set

  2. Hard coded layout parameter set

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