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Adapt Settings

The application has one settings file: settings.json which contains both CAE and EAO settings. It is located in the assets folder of the web app.

Modify it after deploying the web application.


     "caeSettings": {
        "importFilePath": {
            "source": "${virtualPath}&entryid=${uploadId}&main=false"
        "importTranscriptFilePath": {
            "source": "${virtualPath}&entryid=${uploadId}&mediumType=Data.SpeechToText"
        "shortcuts": {
            "playPause": "Space",
            "undo": "Ctrl+Z",
            "redo": "Ctrl+Y",
            "playInside": "I",
            "playOutside": "O",
            "playFromMarkIn": "N",
            "playToMarkOut": "M",
            "record": "Ctrl+R",
            "copy": "Ctrl+C",
            "paste": "Ctrl+V",
            "delete": "Delete",
            "cutInside": "Ctrl+X",
            "cutOutside": "Ctrl+D",
            "newProject": "Shift+N",
            "saveProject": "Ctrl+Shift+S",
		    "saveProjectToDigaSystem": "Ctrl+S", 
            "openProject": "Ctrl+O",
            "split": "Shift+X",
            "zoomIn": "+",
            "zoom100": "Shift+O",
            "zoomToSelection": "Shift+I",
            "zoomOut": "-",
            "transcribe": "Alt+T",
            "toggleText": "T",
            "toggleWaveform": "W",
            "toggleWaveformText": ",",
            "toggleSpeakers": "P",
            "toggleSpeakerTimestamps": "Shift+P",
            "toggleSnapEnabled": "S",
            "toggleDragDropMode": "D",
            "navigateToTextArea": "Ctrl+Shift+1",
            "navigateToTimelineArea": "Ctrl+Shift+2",
            "navigateToSearchArea": "Ctrl+F"
        "transport": {
            "prelistenDuration": "3000"
        "importViaPostMessageApi": {
            "origins": ["http://vm-dpedemo", ""]
        "auth": {
            "provider": "dpe",
            "baseUrl": ""
        "textArea": {
            "minimunDurationForSilenceDetection" : "1000",
            "levelForSilenceDetection" : "0.10",
            "autoParagraphMinSize": 180,
            "autoParagraphMaxSize": 300    
        "transcriptionProviders": {
            "enabledProviders": "MS,DG,SMV1,SMV2",
            "encryptedKey_MS": "",
            "config_MS": "westeurope",
            "encryptedKey_DG": "",
            "config_DG": "",
            "encryptedKey_SMV1": "U2FsdGVkX19xiG9JPmpLME6zEBQchm+RGQlZFhv3pvc=",
            "config_SMV1": "",
            "encryptedKey_SMV2": "",
            "config_SMV2": "",
            "defaultLanguage": "*"
        "browserBridge": {
            "apps": [
                    "id": "MTE",
                    "title": "Open MultiTrack Editor",
                    "verb": "openAudioEditor",
                    "args": ["", "", "MultiTrack", "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\DigaSystem\\MultiTrackV7.exe"]
                    "id": "STE",
                    "title": "Open SingleTrack Editor",
                    "verb": "openAudioEditor",
                    "args": ["", "", "SingleTrack", "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\DigaSystem\\SingleTrackV7.exe"]
                    "id": "ETE",
                    "title": "Open EasyTrackEditor",
                    "verb": "openAudioEditor",
                    "args": ["", "", "EasyTrack", "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\DigaSystem\\easyTrackV7.exe"]


It is the service end point for fetching audio file.

${virtualPath} and ${uploadId} will be replaced with tableId and entryId, respectively.


It is the service end point for fetching transcription file.

${virtualPath} and ${uploadId} will be replaced with tableId and entryId, respectively.



type: String

All the application shortcuts e.g. cut, copy, paste, playPause etc. can be configured here. The shortcut takes a "+" separated string of keys names.

The string is case-insensitive so both Ctrl+S, cTrL+s will work.



type: string or number

The duration (in milliseconds) is used for "playInside", "playOutside", "playFromMarkIn" and "playToMarkOut" actions. When triggering these actions, the audio is played only for the time specified in this parameter.

Default value is 3000 milliseconds or 3 seconds.



type: string or comma separated array of string

Audio entries in Content Manager can be directly opened in CAE via a plugin called PluginCmCae, to enable this feature CAE also needs to allow accepting messages from Content Manager origins (protocol://host:port).

If there is only one origin possible then both  "" and [""] are valid but if there are more then one then use array ["", ""].


Authentication provider:

  • "": empty string uses a dummy authentication provider
  • "dpe" uses DPE as authentication provider
baseUrlURL of authentication provider, e.g. "https://MyDpeServer/DpeWebApplication"


This parameter is used for silence detection in Text Area. Any duration gap above the specified value will be considered as silence and represented so in the region.

Value is provided in milliseconds.


This parameter defines the volume level for silence detection. Value is provided in comparison to full level (=1).


To offer a performant and good readability experience for the users, the text in Text Area will be automatically represented in blocks of paragraphs if paragraph size (duration) exceeds the specified range. The breaking of paragraphs will most likely be done at the end of sentences however, this is not guaranteed.
autoParagraphMaxSizeSame as above.

Comma-separated list of transcription provider abbreviations:

  • MS: Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • DG: Deepgram
  • SMV1: Speechmatics protocol v1
  • SMV2: Speechmatics protocol v2

Examples: "MS,SMV2", "MS", or empty string for none

encryptedKey_MSEncrypted API key
encryptedKey_DGEncrypted API key
encryptedKey_SMV1Encrypted API key
config_SMV1URL to service
encryptedKey_SMV2Encrypted API key
config_SMV2URL to service

Used default language for all transcription services.

Allowed values:

  • "*" - Automatic language detection
  • "en-US" - English
  • "de-DE" - German
  • "fr-FR" - French
  • "es-ES" - Spanish
  • "sv-SE" - Swedish
  • "nb-NO" - Norwegian
browserBridge/appsArray that holds configurations for external applications accessed via DPE BrowserBridge
idUnique identifier for app, e.g. "MTE"
titleDisplayed menu item text, e.g. "Open MultiTrack Editor"
verbOperation that is executed via DPE BrowserBridge, e.g. "openAudioEditor"

Array of arguments for DPE BrowserBridge operation; depends on the operation (= verb).

CAE is currently supporting the following verbs and argument lists:


  • arg1: empty
  • arg2: empty, contains section string with metadata and will be set automatically from CAE
  • arg3: audio editor identifier, e.g. "MultiTrack"
  • arg4: path to executable

Example: ["", "", "MultiTrack", "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\DigaSystem\\MultiTrackV7.exe"]

Transcription keys have to be stored encrypted. To get the encrypted value do the following steps:

  1. Open CAE user options and enter the plain text key in the appropriate field
  2. Open the web developer tab in your browser, e.g. by pressing F12 in Chrome
  3. Select Application / Local Storage
  4. Here you see the encrypted value, e.g. 
  5. Select "Edit Value" and copy the value to the clipboard; from there you can use it for the application.json file
  6. Delete the encrypted value from Local Storage again


	"eaoSettings": {
  		"transcodingBackend": {
    		"customHeaders": {
      			"Dpe-Auth": "${authenticationToken}"
    		"userName": "Do not use",
    		"password": "Do not use",
    		"computerName": "",
    		"authenticationType": "dpe",
    	"virtualPath": "VM-SQL-DIGAS\\Galileo",
    	"uploadService": "${virtualPath}&entryid=${uploadId}",
    	"waveformService": "${virtualPath}&entryid=${uploadId}",
    	"lowResService": "${virtualPath}&entryid=${uploadId}&main=true"

  		"importFilePath": {
    		"customHeaders": {
      			"Dpe-Auth": "${authenticationToken}"
    		"userName": "Do not use",
    		"password": "Do not use",
    		"computerName": "",
    		"authenticationType": "dpe"

virtualPathCan be used for templating the virtual path in the service handler URL's (${virtualPath} is replaced with the value). For DPE service handlers default usage is the DigaSystem table.
uploadServiceBackend service URL for file uploads. For DPE service handler, the placeholder ${uploadId} is dynamically replaced for multiple file uploads for a single entry (first file upload call returns the initial upload-ID/entry-ID, next upload call can use the ID).
waveformServiceBackend service URL for waveform-files (peak-files). For DPE service handler, the .waveform file of a DigaSystem entry is returned. 
lowResServiceBackend service URL for audio-files. A proxy audio file (LoRes) or a main file (HiRes) file can be used. For DPE service handler, use &main=true suffix to return the HiRes file.
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