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Deploy CAE using Docker

Precondition: a Linux machine having docker installed


Pull Docker image from our docker registry

docker login --username MyCredentials --password MyPassword
docker pull

As an alternative you could also import a docker image from a file we provide.

docker import cae.tar.gzip

Remove previously running container (optionally)

docker stop cae
docker rm cae

Run container with CAE

docker run -d --name cae -p 8888:80

The CAE container is exposed on port 8888 for HTTP.

To handle HTTPS we recommend to run it behind a reverse-proxy that is doing SSL-offloading.

Adapt Settings Manually

Currently there are two options to adapt the settings files in the container

  • Edit the settings directly in the container

    docker exec -it cae /bin/sh
    apk add nano
    nano /user/share/nginx/html/assets/settings.json
  • Overwrite the settings files using the docker cp command

    docker cp ./mySettings.json cae:/usr/share/nginx/html/assets/settings.json

    See Adapt Settings

Automatically Copying Settings Files From Host At Container Startup

(1) Create a docker volume

docker volume create caeVol

This creates a docker volume named caeVol which is mapped to folder /var/lib/docker/volumes/caeVol/_data.

(2) Copy your setting files to the volume on the host

  • settings.json

(3) Mount the volume when starting a container instance

docker run -d --name cae -p:8888:80 -v caeVol:/data

This uses the volume and maps it to /data inside the container.

The container checks for settings files on startup and uses them to overwrite the ones delivered with the docker image.

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