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Working with Clipboard

The Clipboard area is a great toolset to organize Text and Audio Elements.

Starting to work with CAE the Clipboard is empty. But can be filled with Life.

Fill the Clipboard

To fill up the Clipboard you can simply drag&drop your Elements from e.g. ContentManager into it.

Also under the Top Menu item "Edit" you can create a clip which lands in the Clipboard.

Minimize / Maximize Clipboard

With a click on the "Clips" Header you can minimize or maximize the Clipboard.

Arrange Clipboard

Having Elements in the Clipboard you are able to edit and arrange. Simply choose the 3 dots on the right side of each top the possibilities.

  • remove: Is removing the entry from Clipboard 
  • Rename: Change the Name of the entry
  • Color: choose your color per entry
  • Append to timeline: puts the entry after the last entry in Timeline
  • Insert at soundhead: Puts the entry to the position of your soundhead in the timeline

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