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Installation with DBM Installer

The Database Manager (DBM) comes with a MSI compatible installer. The installer is contained in the file DBM_Installer.exe. We recommend to copy this file to a local disk directory because that may speed up the installation process considerably. To install or upgrade DBM, double-click DBM_Installer.exe. Depending on your Windows installation, the installer may install some Microsoft run-time packages first. This takes some time.

If the installation process seems to hang, please check whether any messages are hidden below the installer's main dialog which need a mouse click. This sometimes occurs due to mouse activity.

The default installation directory for DBM is C:\Program Files(x86)\DigaSystem. This is the standard directory for all parts of the DigaSystem. Do not change this path unless you have good reason.

Files Installed by the DBM Installer

  • CxImageList.dll
  • CxImageList_Changes.doc
  • CxImageOcx.ocx
  • CxImageOcx_Changes.txt
  • DBM.exe
  • DBM_changes.txt
  • DigaRTF.ocx
  • DigaRTF_Changes.docx
  • DigaSQL.dll
  • DigaSQL_changes.txt
  • dllDitherNS.dll
  • DvcCon.exe
  • DvcCon_Changes.txt
  • LoudnessDLL.dll
  • LoudnessDLL_changes.txt
  • LVC.ocx
  • LVC_Changes.txt
  • MultiRec_4.ocx
  • MultiRec_Changes.txt

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