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Using the Audio and Video Preview Player

Play an Entry

To play an Audio or Video entry you can

Click the middle mouse button on the required entry in the table, or

Click on the required entry once to mark it, then on the Play symbol in the button bar, or

Mark the entry and select the Play option from the Entry menu.

A small preview tool opens directly beneath the marked row(s). The entry is played back automatically. In case of video items, the embedded MCLPlayer control is opening. The window size can be adjusted at the window borders.

Audio Mini Player


Shows the time position of the soundhead


Shows the duration of the media file


Starts playback


Stops the playback

The Rewind/Fast Forward buttons or the Playhead slider are used to navigate through the audio.
Playback speed is increased, decreased or reverted. The sound does not pitch.

Volume control

Dragging the slider adjusts the playback volume.

MCL Player

Plays the marked range or sub clip as a continuous loop.

Plays the clip from the current head position.

Stops playback. Double-click to position the head at the beginning of the clip.

Mark IN\OUT 
Set the blue markers to mark a specific part of the video.


Go to mark IN\OUT 
Places the playhead at the Mark In/ Out position.


Jump 10 frames 
Positions the head 10 frames for- or backwards


Jump 1 frame 
Positions the head one frame for- or backwards

Current head position 
Displays the current playback position.

Audio channels 
In this dropdown menu the audio channels can be selected separated or in combination

Vol meter 
Displays the output level and controls the playback volume (independent of the level indicator).

In case you are playing a Group entry containing videos, then additional navigational buttons appear at the bottom:

Use the navigation buttons to switch to the previous/next group member (non-video entries are skipped).

Set a checkmark to watch all group videos consecutively.

Press Esc to close the EasyPlayer.

MultiFile Entries

Database entries can contain any number and any kind of files. These files are displayed and managed in the Media Tab of an entry.

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