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Create Workflow for an Entry

Below described functionality is only available if your system is configured according Configuration for Starting a Workflow for an Entry

Triggering the Workflow

  1. Start DBM
  2. Open a table
  3. Then select one or more entries within the table.
  4. You can trigger the workflow creation in one of the following ways
    1. Via the toolbar icon

    2. Via the main menu:
    3. Via the context menu (right click on the selected entry):
  5. If configured you have to enter additional data in a dialog - see below
  6. A message is displayed the x Workflows have been created
  7. For detailed results go to Workflow Monitor

Entering Data

If configured a dialog may pop-up after you selected and workflow, which will ask for additional data, before creating the workflow

  • Enter your desired data
  • Then click "OK" to create the workflow - the "OK" button is hidden underneath the drop-down list
  • The workflow system will process the workflow at the next available time
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