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Installation with DBM Installer

The Database Manager (DBM) comes with a MSI compatible installer. The installer is contained in the file DBM_Installer.exe. We recommend to copy this file to a local disk directory because that may speed up the installation process considerably. To install or upgrade DBM, double-click DBM_Installer.exe. Depending on your Windows installation, the installer may install some Microsoft run-time packages first. This takes some time.

If the installation process seems to hang, please check whether any messages are hidden below the installer's main dialog which need a mouse click. This sometimes occurs due to mouse activity.

The default installation directory for DBM is C:\Program Files(x86)\DigaSystem. This is the standard directory for all parts of the DigaSystem. Do not change this path unless you have good reason.

Files Installed by the DBM Installer

  • CxImageList.dll
  • CxImageList_Changes.doc
  • CxImageOcx.ocx
  • CxImageOcx_Changes.txt
  • DBM.exe
  • DBM_changes.txt
  • DigaRTF.ocx
  • DigaRTF_Changes.docx
  • DigaSQL.dll
  • DigaSQL_changes.txt
  • dllDitherNS.dll
  • DvcCon.exe
  • DvcCon_Changes.txt
  • LoudnessDLL.dll
  • LoudnessDLL_changes.txt
  • LVC.ocx
  • LVC_Changes.txt
  • MultiRec_4.ocx
  • MultiRec_Changes.txt

Quiet Installation

"Quiet installation" refers to running the installer with no user interaction and with reduced or no GUI. Other words for "silent" are "quiet" and "unattended". This method is often used in automated rollout processes.

To run the DBM_Installer.exe installer in quiet mode, launch the following command line:

DBM_Installer.exe /quiet

It is a good idea to launch this command from an elevated command prompt.

Creating an Installation Log File

Add /L*V install.log to the command line. This creates the file install.log in the current directory.

Defining the GUI Level

With the /q option, you can define various levels of GUI verbosity:

/qn – no GUI

/qb – basic GUI

/qr – reduced GUI

/qf – full GUI

Defining the Installation Directory

At the end of the command line, add APPDIR=<directory> where <directory> is the absolute path of the installation directory. The directory is created if it does not already exist.


The following command line installs DBM into the C:\Digas directory, creates the installation log in the install.log file, and displays the full GUI but does not stop to wait for the user's mouse clicks.

DBM_Installer.exe /quiet /L*V install.log /qf APPDIR=C:\Digas

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