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Understanding Classes and Flags


Entries can be organized into various classes. This allows not only news entries to be managed but also a range of audio and other events. Please note that an item may not be dragged into a table which does not permit the class of said item, a blocker cursor will be displayed to explain the conflict. These classes are available (if allowed in the current table):



Standard audio entry (default classification for imported audio files)


Format Elements (like Jingles, Bumpers, Singers, Station IDs, Public Announcements, Sound Logos, ...), used within the DAVID Broadcast System (BCS)

CommercialRadio commercials

ControlControl element - outdated

DigaCut MT ProjectSaved DigaCut MT project (audio editor) - outdated

DigaCut ST ProjectSaved DigaCut ST project (video editor - outdated


Entry with graphical content


Show specific internal media (characteristic sounds or gags in a show)

MusicMusic audio entry

NewsNews audio entry


Saved audio editor project (EasyTrack, MultiTrack and SingleTrack)

PromotionProgram internal announcements

Sequoia ProjectSaved Sequoia Project


Collection of media files about a specific topic - in development

TextText entry without audio content

Unknown/NewEntry with not identifiable content

VideoEntry with video content

Video batch / batchlistmbx files which contain markers to an audio file - outdated

Video Project

Video project of RoughCut Edit

ZIP ArchiveEntry containing ZIP-Files
Classes below are mainly used within DAVID Broadcast System (BCS)

CommandAttention / Info Element for the moderator, which is not broadcasted

InfoInfo / Hint for moderator

LivePlaceholder element for time when moderator is speaking

LineModerator calls someone during the show


The column Flag shows special properties of entries. Some are set manually, others automatically:




Delete protectedWhen trying to delete any entry with this flag, there will be an explicit warning that needs to be confirmed. After that however, it is possible to remove this entry from the table. In BCS: node is locked

For archiveA flag set by the editor or user to indicate that the entry can be archived and is set via the relevant option in the entry dialog box. The entry is not actually activated simply by setting this flag. However, after the entry has been archived, the color of the flag will change to green to indicate the entry can be deleted now. When the entry is archived, one of these two flags is displayed:

ArchivingThis entry is currently archived

ArchivedThis entry is archived

For dearchive

For dearchive.


Daten werden per Satelit verbreitet.

Entries which were received via VSat (used by ARD, public radio stations in Germany)

PersonalIndicates that this entry is a personal entry of a specific user. The OK button to save changes is hidden, therefore such entries cannot be changed by another user.

Private entry

Invisible to other user. This flag is like the normal personal but such entries cannot be opened by other users.

LoopEndless play

Ready to sendThis flag indicates this entry is ready to be broadcasted. With the corresponding configuration only entries with this flag can be placed into a broadcast schedule module. If a user wants to delete such an entry, a warning message appears that has to be confirmed to actually execute the deletion.

PerfectUsually the ready flag has a stronger meaning than this flag, but customer can use and name the flag as they want. The second level of transmission readiness: this flag can only be set by an authorized person and indicates that the entry is now completely ready for transmission.

TextThis flag is automatically shown when a text file is attached to the entry (that can be viewed in the Presentation tab)


Royalties, e.g. for Gema. When using this item for playout, fees need to be paid. This flag is only for selection and export purposes, there is no further utilization of this flag within DigaSystem

ErrorIndicates that the entry is impaired in some way.

NewFlag for newly copied entries (by a replication process).

LoRes existsThere is no icon for Hires. A HiRes copy of the item already exists on the video (Profile) Server.

Keyframes exists

Indicates that keyframes exist in the media file

Surround (Audio Mode)

The Surround column displays symbols for the audio mode.

no symbolno audio, or default mode

Surround 5.0

Surround 5.0 with Stereo

Surround 5.1

Surround 5.1 with Stereo / Surround 7.1

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